Our experienced tutors are able to work with students with ADD, ADHD, LEARNING DISABILITIES, SLOW LEARNERS, GIFTED, DYSLEXIA, and AUTISM. We also offer parental support and student advocacy. We personally will try to contact your child's teacher and school to make sure they are receiving the accommodations or modifications that can make them successful in their school or classroom.

We currently have experienced tutors who are eager to make a difference to help your child!

Our tutors will have direct dialogue with your child's classroom teacher. Tutors For Less understands and realizes that each student learns differently. Your child will be assessed and we will determine your child's strengths and needs. Our tutors will look for appropriate accommodations or modifications to help your child succeed in his/her classroom.

The Tutors For Less staff comes to you with a wealth of teaching experiences. The tutors we recommend for our special needs students are certified teachers with a special education specialist.

Join Tutors for Less now and put a smile on your child's face.


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