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Here are the recent results provided by Mikos consultants an independent research company

Mikos Consultants, an independent survey company, conducted a survey for our all our clients, and here are the results:
• 96% of respondents reported that their tutor was extremely qualified or qualified for their needs
97% of respondents said that they would recommend Tutors For Less for their friends and family.
• Tutors For Less is chosen most often for its high quality tutors and excellent customer service.
• 70% of respondents looked for tutors because their children are struggling, or their grades are falling.

Here are some comments in response to open ended questions:

What do you like best about our company?

1. How helpful and accommodating you were. How each of the tutors was knowledgeable, patient, nice, and in good spirits which leads to a positive experience.
2. I love the fact that I did not have to pay extensive registration fees. I also love the fact that Tutors For Less was able to find a tutor right in the neighborhood.
3. I am incredibly impressed with the caliber of tutors you have sent for my child with special needs. They have been innovative and engaging for my son. They are welcome faces in our home!
4. Provided easy access to tutors and set everything up.
5. The responsiveness has been great. I like that the tutor comes here. Plus, at present we are most fortunate to have a tutor who is very, very good with our son.
6. Easy and efficient.
7. You are very easy to work with and have very qualified instructors.
8. Tutors are well qualified and come to my home.
9. Tutors who care about the kids.

What made you choose our company over other companies?

• Having the tutor come to our house is very helpful for many reasons – e.g. it helps with his busy schedule and it allows him to use the home computer and have his work here when he needs to use it.
• Previous experience with your company.
• You sound very reputable, a place I can trust!
• My daughter wanted a female tutor and your agency was the one that found a woman who could tutor her in physics.
• Returned phone call promptly.
• You were very professional with me and you actually took the time to listen to me. It sounded like you really were knowledgeable about the school system and curriculum.
• I like that you do the search for me.
• Our school recommended you.
• I actually heard a voice and not a message.
• You explained your rates and tutoring procedures well. You did not hide anything! You were honest about everything and there were no surprises.

Do you have a success story you would like to share?


My son was having difficulty organizing his work, studying properly, and using his time wisely. As a result his grades dropped dramatically. I personally feared what was going to happen to his grades in high school. I really would like to thank Tutors For Less for teaching my son how to organize and use his time wisely. His confidence and academic attitude had changed as a result of your assistance. I personally like to commend Susan his tutor for being so dedicated and patient with my son. Her professionalism and knowledge of the school system and procedures are noteworthy. Best wishes. I have already made a few calls to my friends about Tutors For Less.

Parent of a grade 8 student - North York


It used to drive me crazy spending around 2-3 hours per day on assisting my children with their homework. I have 3 elementary school aged children which on average are about 2 years apart. Spending so much time on assisting my children complete their homework was draining my husband and myself. Your tutoring Program really helped me and my children. My children were always looking forward to meeting their enthusiastic and friendly tutor. You made my life easier. Thank-you and best of luck.

Parent of 3 elementary children - Private School -Vaughn

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter because Tutors For Less had given me hope when I felt there was none left.

I was literally in tears daily because of my son was about to drop out of school. My son in medically diagnosed with ADHD. He rarely completed his homework, he was disorganized, and was losing ground with his academics. This was his second year of high school and was already on the verge of losing all his courses and dropping out of school. Tutors For Less made a few phone calls to his teachers and advocated for my son. As a result he is now receiving some extra accommodations in the classroom to meet his special needs. It was a new start for my son. His life at home and at school became a lot easier thanks to Tutors For Less' educational consultants and his Tutor. His tutor made me understand my child better. She organized and colour coded his binders and study materials. Steve is also more organized at home because his tutor created a time management schedule. Words cannot express what Tutors For Less has done to assist my son. Thank you for advocating for my son. You really do care!

Parent of a high school student - Mississauga

"In all my experiences with educational programs, Tutors For Less is the most professionally organized program I have encountered."

High School Teacher - Toronto Area

"Tutors For Less is the best thing that happened to my daughter. Nicki’s grades went from D’s to B’s in four months."

Parent - Elementary Student - Scarborough

"Without Tutors For Less, this year would have been very difficult for my daughter Christina. Christina's tutor really simplified the math lessons and explained things in a way that Christina could really understand. We tried a nearby tutoring centre which had more of a group learning style. Her grades continued to drop even when she was with that tutoring centre. Christina benefited from the one one one attention Tutors For Less offers. Her tutor was always enthusiastic with Christina and always praised her for her hard work and accomplishments. She was getting less in trouble at school and was completing her work on time. Her teachers also noticed a dramatic change in her self esteem. Thank-you Tutors for less. Great Job. I will be recommending this program to all of my friends and family.

Parent of a Primary Student - Vaughan

"I don't know how I or my son Samuel would have coped in his school if it not had been for Tutors For Less. I was getting phone calls from the school daily because of my son's work habits and behaviour. My son was going through one of his stages. He was being suspended nearly everyday. It was becoming stressful for my husband and myself. I quickly called Tutors For Less and we received some suggestions and recommendations from one of their academic consultants. Shortly after, Tutors For Less found a role model that my son could count on. The tutor was a perfect match for my son. Within a few weeks of tutoring, my son was getting less into trouble at school. He was just beginning to complete his homework. Tutors For Less has a behaviour modification program that works! The consultants, the tutor, myself, my husband and his teacher worked as a team to make things work for Samuel. We came up with a program that worked form Samuel. I don't know how to thank you. You guys are terrific! I would recommend Tutors For Less to everyone out there that needs dedicated and caring professionals who make a big difference!

Thank-you.. Thank-you... Thank-you...

Parent of a grade 6 student. - Public School - Scarborough

My son was falling behind in math and English. He was not motivated in completing his school work. I needed a service that was affordable and professional. We found one! My son is excited about meeting his tutor weekly and is more motivated in doing his homework. I can't believe it but even my younger daughter looks forward to meeting my son's tutor and will sit beside them and finish her homework. The teacher noticed a big improvement in my son's grades and his overall attitude. I told the the teacher that he has a caring and dedicated tutor working with him once a week. I quickly gave her Tutors For Less number so that others can reap the benefits that I have. If you want enthusiastic, caring, and dedicated tutors at an affordable price, I suggest you give Tutors For Less a call. I did and I am happy with the results!

Parent of a Grade 3 student - private school - Richmond Hill

I am writing this letter because Tutors For Less was so kind in assisting my son when no other tutoring service wanted to help. My son is taking a specialized college program and told me he wanted to "quit - give up". He was in his last year of his specialized program. I did not know what to do. I called so many tutoring companies and they said they could not help my son. I called Tutors For Less and immediately the receptionist mentioned that they will find a tutor for my son. Within the same day they found a tutor for my son. Not only did the tutor help my son in the physiology course he had difficulty with but had also encouraged my son to graduate from the program and he did! Thank you for being so kind and understanding. Your company motto bears truth - you really do care!

Parent of a college student - North York

• The tutor came up with a strategy to deal with my daughter’s attention issues. At the end of every session, she gets immediate feedback on how she performed.

Parent of a Junior Student - Mississauga

• My daughter has done well in geometry (even though she says she is “dumb” in math). She has much more confidence…and this is why she wanted the tutor.

Parent of a Senior Student - Woodbridge

• …my child has focused more on what is important. He is in a new school this year, and seems very pleased with his success.

Parent of a Senior Student - Leaside Toronto

• We have used your company before and it was a great success…We just wanted our child to progress the same now that he entered Honours Algebra in High School.

Parent of a Senior Student - Brampton

• Thanks to Tutors For Less I have successfully passed Organic Chemistry (with a solid B)…Thanks so much for the extra help.

University of Toronto Student - Scarborough

• This tutor was extremely helpful in my daughter bringing up her grade and with the final exam.

Parent of a Senior Student - Rosedale Toronto

I have recommended Tutors For Less for many parents. They have called and also have good results.

Principal - Private School - Toronto

Ms. . S did an outstanding job, and we are grateful for all the help he provided my daughter.

Parent of a primary Student - Mississauga

Mrs. F our son’s tutor helped him not only academically, but also with his self esteem. We can’t thank you enough.

Parent of a Intermediate Student - High Park Toronto

Mr. B has made such a tremendous difference, not only as a tutor but as a mentor.

Parent of a Intermediate Student - Scarborough

Mr. S has made the learning process so much fun. Our daughter thinks she is great!

Parent of a primary Student - Richmond Hill

A super tutor! We look forward to having him back in September!

Parent of a Intermediate Student - North york

Thank-you for helping to make our school experience a positive one.

Parent of a Junior High School Student - Toronto

Mr. M was extremely helpful in assisting me to organize my notes and help me prepare for my exam.

High School Student - Etobicoke

My daughter would have loved math if Mr. L had always been her tutor.

Parent of a Junior Student - Brampton

I was very concerned about passing this course, so I’m really happy!

Community College School Student - Toronto

She went from a C- to a B in math in one term! Thanks to you, my daughter now loves math

Parent of a Junior Student - North york

Mrs. W. is a great match for Jennifer and we are thrilled to have her.

Parent of a primary Student - Toronto

We credit Mrs. F with Timothy’s success in the fourth quarter of school.

Parent of a primary Student - Vaughan

Mrs. R. gave Luke a sense of achievement.

Parent of a junior Student - Vaughan

Our tutor was personable, sharp, and my son really liked her.

Parent of a Senior High School Student - Vaughan

Mrs. M transformed my daughter from a student who dreaded going to school. We home schooled her as a result. Mrs. M was very optimistic about my daughter and my daughter is now a student who looks forward to going to school everyday! Three years later Mrs. M is still our tutor. I feel indebted to Tutors For Less. Words can not express how grateful I am for finding us Mrs. M.

Parent of a junior Student - Vaughan

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